I Can't Stop Reading

Good Morning All...

Normally I don't post on the weekend since Sunday is my only day off and it is usually filled with things to do that I didn't get through with the past week...

I work Mon-Sat and I am again at work now however I stopped for a moment to peruse different blogs and make some comments here and there...

I noticed on my dashboard that I had a new follower so I thought I would check the blog out...

After reading the first post, I knew there was a reason he found his way to my blog so I in turn could find my way to his...

The blog is by Louis and this just restores my faith that there is a reason that everyone comes into your life at the moment that they do...

It may be for a short time or it may be for a lifetime however there is always a reason...

What can I learn from each of you?

What can you learn from me?

What can we learn from each other?

I hope you take a moment to go visit his blog and really read and think about what he is saying...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Be safe!!

Believe It Or Not, Everyone Has Things That They Hide
Believe It Or Not, Everyone Keeps Most Things Inside
Believe It Or Not, Everyone Believes In Something Above
Believe It Or Not, Everyone Needs To Feel Loved


  1. i will definitely check out the blog. have a great weekend.

  2. i think that is best part about blogs is getting to learn and know a lil more about each other seeing we are all alike even in our differences have a fantastic weekend

  3. Serenity, you're button looks just fine. I even clicked on it and it took me to your page. Maybe your computer is loading slow? ???

  4. I meant what I said, if you knock I will open for you!

  5. Hey girl! I will stop by and check his blog out! Thanks for the sweet comments earlier today. I hope you have a wonderful day off tomorrow:) Talk to you soon!

  6. Well, I'm following you too know, but I think about the only thing you'll learn from me is creative ways to use grilled cheese.

  7. I gave you another award! Check it out!


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