"Sing To Him, Sing Praise To Him; Tell Of All His Wonderful Acts."
1 Chronicles 16:9 

I am sure many of you remember this post...

Besides the one about Heaven & Hell, it is a post I still receive the most emails on.

People continue to ask me if I happen to have any CDs left over....

It was the one and only contest I have ever done in almost 4 years of writing here.

With his permission in hand, I set out to write a post about his music, along with a handful of autographed CDs to give away.

It was a hit.

He has a new song out, along with an official video, called Overload...

Before I began this post, I watched the video, for only the second time, the first being a few days ago and after the first viewing, something stuck within me, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would post about it...

I put the song on in the background as I write, so I am able to draw from it...

I can feel the pull, the pull of whatever it is in life that is holding you back.

Addiction, adultery, porn, stealing, lying, killing etc...

Anything that is pulling your moral compass, in the direction it shouldn't be pulled...

You almost feel like there is no escape, you have fallen so far and so deep and you just can't seem to find a way out.

The chains have bound so tightly around your neck, that you can't see the full extent of what your actions are doing.

When I saw the video for the first time, I had some thoughts about who he was chasing, now after watching it again, it is almost like watching spiritual warfare in action...

When you are consumed in a life of _____ (enter whatever you want), there is a feeling you receive from it, to you, it is all good, to the outside world, your actions are all bad...

I know from experience that when you are using, you love it, at first...

The lie is built from that first hit, drink, snort, shot (whatever your pleasure may be)...

It is almost indescribable, yet the next time, you need a little bit more and the time after that it will be a little more still, until you are chained to it and the only way to break those chains is to hit rock bottom, and there is not a soul who will be able to tell you different.

Once you become clean or sober or free from whatever is holding you bound, you will eventually become angry.

Pure anger at yourself for falling for the deceit and then you spend hours, days and sometimes years chasing those inner demons.

You chose to be a liar, a thief, a morally corrupt person, tricked into believing that was the best course of action for your life, and you wont be able to forgive yourself for the choices you make, until you make the decision to die to "self."

You will not be able to do it alone.

To break the chains, to find the release you are seeking, you only have to look up.

Devin nailed it beautifully.

From the opening to the closing, the song/video is beautiful, harder than what some people may be used to, bringing to mind Skillet or Creed (and you all know if I link anyone with Creed, they have to be very, very good).

Turn up the volume and go have a listen, you will be glad you did.

You Liar
You Thief
You Took My Life Away


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