Secret Santa

"And As You Wish That Others Would Do To You, Do So To Them."
Luke 6:31 (ESV) 

 I have been doing the Secret Santa for a few years now and it something I always look forward to doing. As soon as the email comes from Suzanne, I fill it out and wait anxiously for an email back letting me know who I will be buying for. Then I set out and purchase whatever I can based on the form that is sent back to me. The one who received my form went all out. :)

(Excuse the shoddy picture taking, I had to use my phone)

I received my package two days ago and I know I should have posted then, however I am in the middle of finals and I also had to preach yesterday so I was preoccupied preparing a sermon and studying. The presents were packed tightly in the box, each one individually wrapped...

** Sidenote I need to do that next year!

Here they are all wrapped so pretty... Look at the dove on that paper in the very front... Beautiful! I did not want to tear the paper, however, I am human, therefore I tore into it... I am not one to "save" wrapping paper and kudos to those of you that do! I do not have the patience to tear gently. We have established that I am not a patient person and unwrapping gifts falls under that category.

The first one I unwrapped was a journal with the Serenity Prayer on the front of it. I love journals and I love that prayer... Beautiful! Next came the Book of Psalms, as well as a Book of Promises from the Message Bible. I do not have the Message Bible, I use it, however I have not gotten around to buying one so this was perfect. Next two boxes of Butterfinger Bites... My fav candy when I do eat it is Butterfingers, however, both boxes were absconded by my little one and my niece, though they each gave me one single piece from their boxes lol... Yummy!

The final gift was a bracelet made entirely of Crosses...Brought me to tears... Absolutely gorgeous! The bracelet came from an Etsy shop in Texas and the box came from Michigan, therefore I have no clue who my Secret Santa is.

To her, I extend my gratitude... Each present had thought put into it and I love every one of them. May you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! God Bless you and yours!

To Suzanne, I thank you for once again hosting the Secret Santa! You rock!! God Bless you and yours!

Much Love!!


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