The Salad Bar

"You Shall Not Add To The Word Which I Command You, Neither Shall You Diminish It, That You May Keep The Commandments Of The Lord Your God Which I Command You."
Deuteronomy 4:2

I am not a huge "buffet" person, basically because I don't know how long the food has been sitting out.

If I happen to find myself at a buffet type restaurant, I will only eat what I see being brought out right then and there.

Now in my opinion, a salad bar is different..

A salad bar filled with all kinds of veggies and fruits, I will take that over a buffet anyday.

There used to a be a very popular pizza place (all over the country) that had the best salad bar ever and their creamy Italian dressing was amazing...

Over time they have diminished to some pathtic lettuce and a handful of icky veggies (though the salad dressing is still there).

What I like about it, is I can pick and choose, what and how much I place on my plate.

My normal salad looks like this - Lettuce, ham, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, turkey, carrots, some purple stuff (cabbage I think), alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, dressing and a sprinkling of croutons.

I am a creature of habit, and I normally don't vary to far from this set-up.

It is yummy and filling.

Stepping up to the bar, looking out over the variety of food lined up, thinking to yourself which looks like the best bet for you, filling your plate, sitting down, pulling out your silverware and then digging in. - Sidenote, I try to always carry a wrapped plastic fork with me, just because I used to work in the restaurant business and I know how they clean things at the end of the night - You are welcome for the tip...

Will you choose a plate of fruits or a plate of veggies?

Maybe a mix or maybe one way the first trip and something different the second trip.

The array seems endless and how you build your salad has almost limitless possibilities...

Just like in life, there are so many choices you get to make on a day to day basis.

You choose to get up and either skip work/school or go where you are expected that day.

You choose what outfit you will wear, how to style your hair, whether you wear make-up or if it is just going to be a "bum" day, you choose the music you listen to, the shows you watch on tv, the books you read, the games you play, the sites you visit online, the brand of coffee/tea/soda you drink, the foods that will enter your mouth that day.

You choose to go to the gym or for a walk, you choose to be happy and joyful or mad and sorrowful, you choose how you will interact with people, you choose the tone of voice you will use, the stance of your posture, the openess you project.

Life is full of millions of little choices we each make every single day.

Just like a salad bar.

There is one thing in this life that shouldn't be viewed like that though...

Can you guess what that is?

The Bible.

Just like the Scripture states above, you have no right to add to it, nor take away from it.

It isn't on the salad bar of life for you to pick and choose which Commandments or verses you want to follow.

It stands on its own, always has, for hundreds of years.

If you pick and choose which verses you are going to follow, you are most likely taking them out of context which in the end is going to do more harm than good.

One of the most over-used phrases in the Bible which is taken out of context is "The truth shall set you free", I am sure all of you have heard it, however without the verse that comes before it, "the truth" will not set you free, however that is another day, another post.

Take the Word, as it is written.

Follow it as best as you can, with a pure heart, the best of intentions and you won't ever go wrong.

Don't pick at it like you are standing before a salad bar.

Embrace it, devour it as a whole.

I Was Faced With Passing Time But I Knew The Choice Was Mine
To Finally Come To You And Give You All Control
I've Wandered Miles To Find My Way
And Then You Revealed This Simple Faith
I Know That You Can See The Secrets Of My Soul


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