How Do You See?

"For It Is Better, If The Will Of God Be So, That Ye Suffer For Well Doing, Than For Evil Doing." 1 Peter 3:17

In the past week, it has been brought to my attention that I may have taken my eyes off of Him.

Of course I denied it, however once I sat back and took stock, this statement is correct.

It was also pointed out to me that whenever I look away, everything seems to go wrong.

When I say everything, I mean each and every thing.

Little every day things become huge in the face of adversity.

A spilled soda, hitting every red light on the way to work after you already overslept, no milk for your morning coffee, a run in your pantyhose etc...

There are millions of things that can go wrong each day...

If your focus is on Him, these things won't bother you, if your focus is on the world around you, than you are walking dangerous territory.

I missed Church last week, not only did I miss Church, I missed Communion...

It saddens me when I don't get to Church, however sometimes I just can't get there no matter how hard I try.

It seems when this happens, I am set up for a week of stress, disappointments, emotions running high etc...

There is of course good within the week, however I am to focused on the bad to notice the good.

Until it becomes to much for me to bear, only than do I notice it...

Or when it is pointed out to me.

In times like these you need to take your eyes off of your circumstances...

If your eyes are on your circumstances than that means they are not on Him...

If your eyes are not on Him, you are missing the new life He is putting in front of you...

New days, new gifts, new friends, new blessings....

You can't see this new life if you are still looking at that old life.

Give Me Yours Eyes For Just One Second
Give Me Your Eyes So I Can See
Everything That I Keep Missing
That I Keep Missing


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