"The Healing Has Begun"

"I Will Praise You In The Great Assembly. I Will Praise You There Among The Crowds."
Psalm 35:18

I had to park about a mile away, walk past a cemetary at night, in the freezing cold.

That is when I realized I left my jacket lying on my bed, since I was about 45 minutes from home, I did not have a chance to run back and get it.

I searched for my row (12) and then my seat (6).

I sat in the Civic Center last night waiting....

Waiting for the opening notes for the concert to begin, and as I sat there I looked around at all the people, wondering (as I am now prone to do) if this would be an "event" or if it would just be like a "regular" concert, how many were truly saved and how many were just simply living....

This was a birthday present...

A single ticket to my first ever Christian concert ~ Royal Tailor, Matthew West and Casting Crowns...

I have been looking forward to this for over a month.

I was more excited about Matthew West and Casting Crowns, however, I will give Royal Tailor some major applause for their excitment and energy.

As Royal Tailor left the stage and they were setting up for Matthew West, you could feel a shift in the arena...


Center stage was directly in my line of sight and I could "technically" not have to get out of my seat and still see everything, however, that wasn't going to happen.

I am a huge fan of Matthew West and just about anything he sings (hence the title of this post ~ Click that link... The song is beautiful!).

To see him walk onstage though was different than just listening, and once he started singing, well I was out of my seat.

It was almost surreal.

I have been to many concerts and as you all know traveling to Atlanta to see Creed on my own was one of the best weekends EVER, yet this was different.

I was on Twitter in between his songs just to keep a few people updated (AND I woke up this am to a tweet from Matthew West, just saying "thank you"... Yep I was a bit giddy!) (Yes I actually just used the word giddy! *eye roll*)

He did wonderful....

Simply amazing.

Few minutes of break and then it is time for Casting Crowns.

They walked onto the stage singing "Courageous," I loved that movie and I love the song as well.

After the song ended, Mark Hall prayed....


I say that because I am still not used to people praying anywhere other than Church, yet, a few of my professors do it after a presentation, I also notice people doing it in restaurants... Anyway...

I have witnessed people worshiping, but there are NO words to witness thousands of people worshiping at the same time.

Hands raised, tears, smiles, jumping for joy....

I felt so "full" when I walked out of there last night.

Just complete peace.

There have been so many things going on that I know it has been awhile since I have been on here.

Here is a rundown:

I am still married ~ Don't ask because I don't have the answers either.

I have received my license to preach ~ That is a whole post I need to write.
Both boys are doing well ~ Can't ask for anything else.

My mom walked into my room today and laid a single concert ticket on my bed ~ Michael W. Smith.... 20 years I have loved his music and now I have the chance to see him!!! (I am giddy.... Oh so giddy!!!!!) (Yes I said it again)

My healing has (finally) begun.

There’s A World Full Of People Dying From Broken Hearts
Holding On To Their Guilt, Thinking They Fell Too Far
So Don’t Be Afraid To Show ‘Em Your Beautiful Scars
Cause They’re The Proof, Yeah You’re The Proof


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