Voice Among The Nations

"This Is How We Know What Love Is: Jesus Christ Laid Down His Life For Us. And We Ought To Lay Down Our Lives For Our Brothers."
1 John 3:16

Voice Among The Nations
You Are Not So Small
For Now You Know I Have Called You
To Stand So Strong And Tall

Voice Among The Nations
You Have The Words They Need
To Bring Water To The Thirsty Souls
The Hungry Hearts To Feed

No More Hiding, Precious Child
I've Called You To The Light
You Shine And Bring Such Comfort
You Are Beautiful In My Sight

Voice Among The Nations
Speak Loud, And Strong, And True
Your Voice Will Not Be Silenced
For I Am Leading You!

I still cry each time I read the email that contained this poem.

My sister in Christ RW wrote it for me.

Thrown together through tragedy, bound together, forever, through Him.

Each time I stop and think of all the new people He has placed on my path, I am more humbled than I ever thought possible.

My Sister, My Friend ~ I thank you, for everything.

So In The Valley Walk On
Don't Have To Face It Alone
Cause In The Hard Times
We Keep Growing Strong
As We Learn, As We Live
That We Live When We Give

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