Fit To Wear The Crown?

"And I Will Be A Father Unto You, And You Shall Be My Sons And Daughters, Saith The Lord Almighty."
2 Corinthians 6:18

Son/Daughter of the King of Kings, makes you a Prince/Princess. I read and hear about it all the time, yet couldn't truly come up with anything in the Scripture that states we are Princes/Princesses.

It makes sense though, being His children, that we are considered royalty.

When I say royalty, I don't mean riches as in money, nor jewels nor furs etc...

Your royal bloodline comes directly from Him, the question is, are you fit to wear the crown?

The answer of course is yes, however what are you doing to live up to your royal status?

We are all made in His image, "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27

The love He has for us is unimaginable, undescribable and so very beautiful.

What are we doing that is worthy of such greatness?

Are you following His word the way you should be or do you pick and chose in order to continue to justify the life you are living?

Do you feed and shelter the poor? Help the hurt? Abstain from breaking the commandments?

Your Father, looks down on you day after day, loves you more than even I can describe, each and every one of you, each and every single second of every day you are still alive.

He loves you enough to tolerate your childish behaviors, the temper tantrums you throw when life isn't going your way, even when you turn away from Him, He still loves you.

I sit out back at night sometimes, trying to picture Him looking at me with eyes filled with love, regardless of what I have done in my life, what I am still doing and what He knows I am going to be doing tomorrow.

He knows where I am going to fail even before I do, He knows I am striving to be a better person and He knows the areas where I am so very weak.

He knows I don't feel worthy to wear the crown, He knows I fight a war within myself to be who He wants me to be, He knows my heartaches as well as my victories, He stands beside me through all of them.

He cheers with me when I win, He cries with me when I lose, He knows my anger, my joy, my lack of patience, who I love, who I am not fond of, who I struggle to forgive and who I continue to forgive daily, He knows where I am weak and steps in to let me know He is strong and His strength is there for the taking.

He knows my fears, He knows my secrets, He knows my intermost ugliest thoughts as well as the thoughts I speak aloud. He knows my struggles, He knows my desires, He knows my dreams as well as what I am doing at this very moment...

And He loves me anyway.

We all have a crown to protect, you can't be royalty and act like it isn't a big deal.

He gave you that crown, it is your job to honor it, honor Him in all that you do, all that you speak and all that you think.

You will never be perfect and I am only beginning to learn this lesson, yes I should strive to be like Him, however I will never be Him, I will never be perfect and He knows this, yet, He still has a crown on my head and He still loves me anyway.

And I Realise Just How Beautiful You Are
And How Great Your Affections Are For Me.

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