The Beauty Of A Broken Heart...

Is Your Truth

My guest blogger today is my friend SJB...I have spoken about him before under the initials CB...He challenged me on my previous post about Truth...I challenged him to guest post, so here is his version of truth....

"To Be Trusted Is A Greater Compliment Then To Be Loved."
George MacDonald

"All Truths Are Easy To Understand Once They Are Discovered; The Point Is To Discover Them."
Galileo Galilei

"Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But Not Their Own Facts."
Daniel Patrick Moynihan

"We Know The Truth, Not Only By The Reason, But Also By The Heart."
Blaise Pascal

"I Love You, And Because I Love You, I Would Sooner Have You Hate Me For Telling You The Truth, Then Adore Me For Telling You Lies."
Pietro Aretino

"When In Doubt, Tell The Truth."
Mark Twain

Left Behind.


I stand before you...

One betrayed person speaking to another.

Though you can not hear my voice speaking the words to you, I whisper them in your ears as you read the words I have written upon this electronic canvas.

As you know I was betrayed in July emotionally, in August physically...

I speak this, for it is the truth.

I am not ashamed of betrayal...

I am no less a person then those who have not experienced the gut-wrenching pain of betrayal.

Those whose hearts are not covered with deep wounds, whose depths remain uncharted...

Yet I heal and the scars have formed, they criss-cross across my heart.

But it still beats with passion, with love, with care, with hope, with strength, with determination, with courage, with purpose, with endurance, with innocence.

My heart beats strong.

My soul, mind, heart and spirit were not destroyed.

They were not taken from me by such a selfish and determined act of cruelty.

For my vows and my morals were the pillars that stood against the storm...

I retreated and weathered the storm.

This is the truth I speak to myself.

Today I ran.

A slow burn.

Pace so slow.

Distance far.

My body fought me the first 20 minutes to quicken the pace...

To speed it up and get it done as quick as possible.

But today's goal was not to burn quickly, however to remain constant...

Savoring the moment as I savor a beautiful glass of Melbac on a cold Winter night.

Fighting every fiber in my body, I forced myself to remain calm...

To move at a steady, slow pace.

Forever keeping my feet at a slow, yet determined fluid motion.

I savored the moment...

The weather - Cool, gray skies, winds coming in from the North.

All gifts to keep me cool...

The silence, the woods - Still masked within the dusk of Winter...

Yet everywhere I could hear the sounds of birds, building their nests , preparing for dawn.

I kept the pace.

At the 25th minute, the calm overtook me.

I accepted where I was, how far I had come and where I was going.

New dreams and new hopes.

The truth of the moment appeared before me.

I thought of previous blizzards...

When the white snow is falling hard and the wind whips all before it...

Those moments when time stops.

When you can actually experience a moment in time...

As it all pauses...

The silence, the beauty of a moment...

Only can this be experienced at night...

Driving in a car, a moment when one is alone - You witness everything stop...

Then you drive through the moment, awaiting another one, a moment of truth.

I continued to run...

Pace so slow, distance far, my energy - Boundless...

I knew at that moment, that this would be one of the most beautiful runs I have experienced.

I thought of myself...

I thought of all the lies that tried to destroy me...

I thought of truth...

Not truth of the story...

Not truth to cut through the lies...

But the truth - My truth.

And I ran.

35 minutes now.

The river was now to my right, the currents full of Winters' thaw, running fast in the opposite direction...

Yet here I was, safe upon the land, on a trail that kept danger at bay...

My pace - Slow and steady...

One foot landing in front of the other...

No pounding heart...

All in sync - All as one.

A pure moment of truth...

My mind, body, spirit and soul were all as one...


At the 45th minute, I decided it was time to speak the truth...

I am betrayed.

I am healing.

I am strong.

I am abound with inner strength.

I believe in myself.

I am a kind and caring person.

I am working everyday at improving myself.

I am hopeful about my future.

I am in control of my present.

I am at peace with my past.

I am at peace with that I can't control.

I am proud of my actions.

I am not afraid of my thoughts.

I am not afraid of my actions.

I am not afraid of speaking my thoughts.

I am not afraid of acting.

I speak the truth.

I speak openly when needed.

I listen when needed.

I listen, because what is said to me is important.

I listen, because I enjoy what you say to me.

I listen, because I wish to learn.

I will have a full and happy life.

I have grace.

I have strength of character.

I smile with my eyes.

I have self-worth.

I believe in myself.

I have endurance.

I have persistence.

I have a purpose.

I have strength.

I have determination.

I have courage.

I have clarity.

For I am truthful to myself.

I know now that I will fall in love again, because I know that I can love again.

I know now that I will love again, because I know that I can trust again.

I know now that I can trust again, because I was granted the gift of unconditional love.

I kept running, out of the woods and back into town.

I ran through downtown...

People were out walking their dogs...

Some were families, some were alone...

Neither made me happy, neither made me sad.

For there was a truth to this moment...

Each one was enjoying the moment, and that is what mattered.

My perception was truthful, for this was the only meaning of my moment.

I was alone.

I was happy.

I kept my pace.

You all were in my thoughts.

So I smiled and I kept the pace.


Yet my energy was still boundless, so still I ran...

At the 80th minute, I finally saw another runner going in the opposite direction.

The first one today.

As we ran past each other our eyes locked, we smiled and shared the moment...

One runner to another, both running a slow pace....

Both enjoying the moment and the feeling of our bodies completely in tune with our goal.

A dream run.

I had it today.

For when I finished and started my stretching, I knew something magical had occurred.

I kept a pace...

I accepted that it was distance that mattered today.

Not the finishing time.

I was finished...

Fully and completely.

My life is now.

And I thought that this is a moment I want to share with all of you.

And I wanted to say the following words to you...

For I speak the truth...

These thoughts were about myself, though I could take your name and place it in there...

The truth would still be spoken...


So now I ask you to speak the truth to me.

To offer your thoughts and support...

For they are interchangeable...

For the winds will carry the words to those who need the strength today...

The whole world will be embraced by our unconditional love and respect for one another.

"You Can Bend It And Twist It...You Can Misuse It And Abuse It...But Even God Can Not Change The Truth."
Michael Levy

I Don't Know If You Notice Anything Missing
Like The Leaves On The Trees Or My Clothes On The Floor
And I Don't Know If You Even Notice At All
Cause I Was Real Quiet When I Closed The Door

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  1. in a hour of serenity...when my nerves took to me dwell on your thoughts... the softened smile instilled me with the unveiled loved i had for you...the love that was pure ,platonic and plain


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