Through The Emotions

Being bi-polar is ok on most days and other days it just sucks...Emotions run rampant through my body...Thoughts are all over the place...Just like a raging sea...Crashing into my mind yet not able to "catch" any of the thoughts...When I started this blog, I was a complete mess...Emotionally, mentally etc...I personally am proud of how far I have come from my first post and I was wondering today - Where would I be if all this had happened about a year ago?

Then life happened...Things I had no control over were taken from me...Things I never thought could happen to me - Happened....I didn't falter...My emotions were as calm as still waters...I made choices and never wavered...No matter what anyone said to me, I stood by my choices...Life continued to happen and I just adjusted my sails to continue on the course I chose...

Now I have days that are peaceful as well as stormy however I also have something I didn't know I had before...A promise - Just like Noah received - that He will not leave me - No matter what - He is right beside me...He knows how I feel inside, He knows the torment I feel on some days, He knows the joy that is finding its way back into my life, He knows when I lie down to sleep at night how many tears fall on my pillow, He knows my hearts greatest desire, He will never forsake me no matter what...Ponder that last line - He will NEVER forsake you nor me - NO MATTER WHAT...Regardless of what you may be going through right now in your life, He is right beside you...Waiting for you to turn to Him and let Him take care of it.

Believe In Me
This Life's Not Always What It Seems To Be
Believe In Me
Cause I Was Made For Chasing Dreams


  1. So, So true, Serenity, and these words bring such comfort to me. I needed them. Thank you for those beautiful words you left me on my Blog. I printed them out and have them on my desks at work and at home. I can't imagine going through these storms without Him. Thank you for sharing. I'm thankful for the relationship you have with Christ. Love you and praying for you =)

  2. You are so right! He knows you in and out! What an awesome God!


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