I got up this morning, went through my routine, looked outside and noticed something was amiss...

Couldn't put my finger on it to begin with...

Grass was being watered, sidewalk was wet, birds were singing yet something was missing...

I figured it out - My truck was taken in the middle of the night...

My truck has been officially repossessed...

My brother told me well look at it this way - Not much else can go wrong...

Can't look at it that way because we all know much more can go wrong...

No need to ask why - I will just keep pushing forward...

Came into work and had this lovely award waiting for me from my BF Ace...

Now this is a better way to start the day so thank you Ace and hugs to you my friend!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Now onto the award...

For this award, please accept it, then acknowledge the
blog and blogger that has given you the award in a
post along with his/her name and link (Ace @ If You Think Round Is Funny)
Then pass the award onto 10-15 other blogs that you love to stalk.
So lots of love and fun will be had by all.
Remember to write everyone to let them know
that you have given them an award.

(Ace said 15 blogs however I changed that to 10-15 since I follow the same blogs and there aren't that many for me to award)

This is my list - If you are a repeat well that just means I love you bunches :)
Ace I would put you on here but since you gave it to me not sure I can do that lol...












  1. great to get an award
    sucks about the truck
    i am so sorry to hear
    your right some days it is just wrong what happens but your always good about looking at the others side of things

  2. Thanks girl! I will get this up this afternoon! I am off to do some errands!

    I am sorry about your truck...I know its some hard times right now. I am praying for you!

  3. Thank you!!!! :) You're so thoughtful. I cant believe your truck is gone?! So how did you get to work?

  4. Thank you so much for thinking of me, Serenity.


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