He Walked....

"To The End That My Glory May Sing Praise To Thee, And Not Be Silent. O LORD My God, I Will Give Thanks Unto Thee For Ever."
Psalm 30:12

My love for music is as well known as my lack of patience.

It is no secret, I would rather have music on than the TV, which is one of the reasons I love the Church I attend so much, we have some pretty awesome music.

I like being able to seek out new bands, or bands I have never heard of and now that I listen to pretty much nothing but inspirational music, well there is a whole new world in front of me. 

I still have my favorites, I just seem to add new ones almost daily.

"Jesus carried His cross About A Mile, how far are you willing to carry yours?"

Upon going to their website, this is the first thing you will see.

A very powerful question that not a lot of us are willing to answer.

I have spent the last few hours listening to whatever I could find from these guys and I have come to the conclusion that I can't put them in a specific box.

On one song they remind me of Creed and then I change songs and I am reminded of Third Day.

They have a southern rock, blues, hard rock kind of sound and I loved it.

Each and every song I was able to come across, was just wonderful, I did find one that stood out more than the others ~ "It's Just Not Happening".

There was a song I kept reading about that I really wanted to listen to however, I wasn't able to find it anywhere called "Not Alone", if you happen to find it, send me a link please.

"Innocence" and "Send Me An Angel" were beautifully written, "Again" was powerful enough to bring me to tears and the guitar magic in "From Me" blew me away.

So what makes these gentlemen stand out?

To me the one thing that impressed me more then anything is that they are younger then most Christian artists, Adam is 20, Levi is 21 and Luke is 18.

Now think to the young men you know in this age group and how many do you know that actually profess their love for the Lord so freely?

Music has the power to caress your soul, to ease your stress, to speak to you on a deeper, more emotional level and when you can find an artist that does all of that, just like About A Mile does, it is just another way of seeing His hand at work in your life.

There is no shame in the cross they carry and to me that is a beautiful thing to see.

Why Are You Hiding?
Don't You Know That I Could Find You?
Why Are You Lying?
Don't You Know That I Still Love You?

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