Change is Inevitable

"To Every Thing There Is A Season, And A Time To Every Purpose Under The Heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1


There was a chill in the air when I got up this morning, I made my coffee and headed outside.

I sat on the bench and just listened to the silence surrounding me

Late at night and very early in the morning are my favorite times of the day

Everyone is sleeping and it is my chance to spend some time with Him in peace and quiet.

As I sat, drinking my coffee, I had no thoughts...

Just peace and calmness filling my soul.

Autumn does that to me.

Living in Florida, I don't get to experience Autumn in the true sense, however this morning it was perfect.


There was a slight breeze, it was roughly 59 degrees, coffee was wonderful and there was a Cardinal singing...

Can't ask for much more.

I sat and thought about some things that are coming up, I will share more later...

I prayed and I gave thanks for each and every thing going on in my life.


Good or bad, I was reminded that there is a lesson to be learned in each circumstance we face.

It is up to us to find the lesson.

Up to us to apply what we are learning on a daily basis.

Whether it be finding strength in a tough situation, patience in a trying situation, love in a hate filled situation, or peace in a situation filled with turmoil.


I have met so many people on this journey, wonderful people who, during one of the most trying times in their lives, still have an ounce of compassion and kindness left.

They go out of their way to help their fellow man...

That gives me hope for all of us...

Hope for the ones that know Him, to be able to become closer to Him and hope for the ones that don't know Him, that they may be able to find Him.


Just as the seasons change, people change, some for the better, some not so much.

Lives change, circumstances change, jobs change, finances change etc...

With change comes challenges, with challenges comes opportunity.

It is up to you to decide how you are going to face what is in front of you.


I was never a fan of change within my own life.

I like order, having a bi-polar mind, I needed a life in front of me without chaos since I lived with a mind that went a thousand miles an hour.

Everything has a place, neat and orderly.

I have to laugh here because I am no longer like that, I still like neat, however it is no longer the "end all, be all" of my life.

There are different priorities that have taken precedence over a neat and orderly life.

He is number one and I will drop whatever I have to in order to serve Him and what He is calling me to do that day.

I haven't quite managed to learn how to do it without allowing it to affect me and my emotions in some way, but I am getting there.

In this process, He has gifted me in ways I didn't expect, He has given me compassion and empathy for the new ones that find themselves in this kind of situation.

A gift I will be able to take with me as I embark on the journey into the ministry.


Change and growth can be as painful as we make it out to be or it can be a lesson that we take into the next season of our lives.

The change may be accidental or if may be by design, what matters is you take the time to re-evaluate all that you thought was important to you, make sure your priorities are where they need to be & make certain that the choices you are now making will affect your life in a positive way.

Take the time to do a little soul-searching and see what is most important to you.

Take the time to polish off the gifts you have been blessed with, put them back into practice and show the world what kind of person you truly are, not molded by man but formed by Him.

Become a better person for it, not a bitter person because of it.

And always remember, the only thing in your life that will not ever change; Him and His love for you.

In Times Of Confusion And Chaos And Pain
I'm There In Your Sorrow, Under The Weight Of Your Shame
I'm There Through Your Heartache
I'm There In The Storm
My Love, I Will Keep You, By My Power Alone

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