Raging Sea


Sometimes The Journey Makes You Weary
Feels Like A Long And Winding Road
Sometimes This Life Can Lose It's Meaning
But You Might Be Surprised To Find Some Hope

Maybe You're Wondering Where Love Is
You May Feel It's Far From Here
Maybe You're Wondering Where I Am
You Might Be Surprised To Find I'm Near

When Your Life Is Tossed And Turning
And You're On The Raging Sea
I'll Come And Pull You From The Water
Then You Will Know That You Are Free

So If You're Stumbling Through The Valley
Or If You're Tempted To Give Up The Fight

Reach Out Your Hand And I Will Lead You
I Will Be Your Strong Arm In The Night

This is the song I woke up with in my head this morning...
Gotta love how God works :)


  1. that was both powerful and beautiful!
    hope you are enjoying the weekend...

    Stopping by with a SSS update:
    we sent out the first round of q&a's last night if you did not receive an email from us please click the link below and follow the instructions-if you did get the email and have filled out the q&a you are good to go-your answers were automatically entered in our google doc form...
    Thanks and we are so excited you are joining the SSS

  2. My precious, God sent Friend, I do indeed love how He works. I am seeing Him working, maybe not as fast as I would like or in the order I would like, but working none the less. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song. I love you, Friend.

  3. something for you on my blog!


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