Another Bump

Thanks for the suggestions on how to fix my hair...

No the picture wasn't me - Neither one of them...

Someday I may post a picture of me but not right now...

So on to the bump...

I had class last night...

I have class at Church every Wednesday - I am a new member and it is required for 6 weeks...

So I didn't get home until about 8pm...

Went out to my truck and noticed I missed a call from my SIL...

Tried to call her and then realized my damn cell was shut off...

Well hell I forgot to pay the damn bill so no surprise...

Anyway...Later on that night I received a phone call on my SILs' phone - It was my MIL...

Back up a bit - She has been a rock to me since all this started so I normally talk to her 3-4 times a day...

Ok so she tells me her daughter had just called and previously spoken to my other in-laws (FIL and Step MIL)....

She (other SIL) then proceeded to tell them they need to come here to "Make sure I am doing a good enough job with the kids and if not they needed to take em with them"...

EXCUSE ME???? WTF is going on here?

Number one - These people have never even met Tigger and haven't seen Eeyore since he was 5 (he is almost 14 now)...

So let me get this straight...YOUR SON/BROTHER...Cheated on his wife, ignored his kids, bailed without a word, and I am an UNFIT Mother?

You are questioning my parenting skills?????

I want off this roller coaster - NOW please.

P.S. I am being Baptized on Sunday :)

This Too Shall Pass
Like Every Night That's Come Before It
He'll Never Give You More Then You Can Bear
This Too Shall Pass
So In This Thought Be Comforted
It's In His Hands
This Too Shall Pass


  1. I am so happy for your girl! You are a strong beautiful woman!

    This is just like you said...a bump. You can always get by a bump and you obviously have nothing to worry about. You are a great mother and YOU are the only thing stable in the boys life in the last couple of months!

    Big Hugs!!!

  2. I agree with Alicia, it's just a little hurdle to jump and look at the bigger ones you've already jumped over!

    Congrats on the baptism! Don't think about any of the other crap going on that day. I'll never forget my baptism. Let His spirit fill you and relax in the comfort of His arms if only for that moment.


  3. Congratulations on your baptism!! I am so glad you found your groove.

    So sorry about the In Laws!!! Hopefully its just a small bump that will be over quickly.

  4. That's so awesome about your baptism. I wish I could be there, to witness it, and celebrate with you! :)
    That's crazee that someone is trying to pass judgment over your parenting skills--when it sounds like they have issues of their own to deal with. Hang in there... You're headed the right direction

  5. congrats on being baptized
    how wonderful
    your doing a great job

  6. Congrats on getting Baptized that is so awesome....and on the other front...sometimes other people really need to mind their bidness!

  7. Bless your heart! Sounds like you are in a tough situation.
    Congratulations on your baptism. :)


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