A New Day

Hello to my faithful followers! I miss you all so very much and am wondering how in the hell I was able to add a follower when I am hardly on here lol?

Well welcome to my new follower Ann...Come on in and enjoy the ride...

So how are you guys doing? I have been trying to read blogs today (boss is off on Weds.) and catch up and I hate how much I have missed in such a short time!

I will be posting on Weds. from now on (time permitting) and I know it is only once a week but it is the best I can do for right now...

So all is pretty much the same here...I am ok though...I am better then ok...I have finally gotten beyond the hurt that consumed me for so long...I am able to get up and not throw up first (TMI sorry)...

I am alright with my new job for now...I have lost 45 pounds and feel better then I have in quite some time...

I went to church Sunday...I actually went there and went inside and sat there for 3 hours...I have never felt more at home then when I walked in there...It was a great service and I will be going back this Sunday...I felt more at peace then I have since all this began...

The boys are doing a little better...The oldest is still very angry and probably will be for quite some time so I am going to take him with me to my next Dr. appt. just in case....The little one is still good...

Hubby is still here at the house and yes still talking to the fat troll...She continues to send pictures of her nasty ass self and texts and talks just like he is single and he allows it to continue like he doesn't have a care in the world...

I am now ok with that...I have detached about 98% of the way and I am no longer hurt with each text I see or phone call I hear...

Am I ok with the affair? Never gonna be no matter how long I live however I have forgiven him....I had to in order to pick myself up and move forward...

Am I giving up? Never however I am no longer a doormat to anyone in my life him included...

I look for the positive in something each and every day now even if the only positive I can find is getting up that day...

I deserve to be treated better...

I am a strong, beautiful, confident woman and any man would be lucky to share time with me...

If he wakes up one day, maybe it won't be to late...

Maybe it will...

Who knows what the future holds for any of us...

All I know is I will be ok no matter what...

My boys will be ok no matter what...

The loss will be his not ours.

All The Days That You've Been Spending
Spinning While Your Heart's Descending
Like A Stone In The Ocean
Sometimes When You Think The World Is Ending
It's Really Just A New Beginning
The Other Side Of Emotion
But I've Seen Your Eyes No Compromise
When You Set Your Mind On The Matter
Be Strong Through The Tears
And Your Sight Will Clear
You're Gonna Get What You're After
Don't Be Surprised When The Road Divides
Just Take The One Less Traveled By


  1. If there's anything that I've learned in the last few weeks, it's that taking one day...one minute...one thing at a time is the best way to go. :) I'm so glad you went in the church, and it was a good service. GO GIRL! :) God is there...inside the church and outside of it... holding your hand, pushing you on.
    I'm glad you are well, I've been praying for you.

  2. OMG! It's so good to hear from you! Ok, I am off to read your post lol!!

  3. Oh Serenity! I am so glad to hear that...well most of it. I hate what he is still doing but even in your writing I can tell you do have a peace about it. It totally sucks what he is doing but you are RIGHT! You ARE a beauitful, smart & confident woman that ANY man would be DAMN lucky to have!

    I am loving it that you went to Church and are planning on going back. I cant wait to hear another update from you...you know how to reach me if you need anything.


  4. Hey! In all of this you have lost weight (WOW) found a job and your keeping it (not easy in this economy) and have found your voice (self esteem is so important)
    I am so proud of you!
    Doesn't it feel good when you go to church and you know your at home. How I miss that feeling.

  5. What do you mean, he is still in the house? I'm a little confused there, but other than that, you sound good.

    Keep it up :) You're so amazing!! 45 pounds?! Wow. I wish I could lose that much at least. I'm glad you found some peace... more of it than last post! :)

  6. I'm so happy to see a post from you! I miss you so much!

    Good for you for moving forward! You deserve the best! One thing though, unless his money helps with the bills, I'd be kicking his butt out!

    Email me any time!

  7. I only want to wish you and your boys well. No one can tell you what to do or how to do it. It is your life and you must make the decisions.

    I wish you love, peace, and happiness.

  8. IF you need an ear I have 2...NO one should have to go through this or ever feel alone...we are here for you...hugs darlin

  9. Friend, it's GREAT to hear from you! You "sound" sooo good. YOU AREN'T ANYBODY'S DOOR MAT!!! I'm so glad to hear you went to church and felt at home. That is wonderful! He tells us, "where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty".

    It is terrible he is having an affair, but it is RIDICULOUS that you are subject to the texts and pictures. As if the affair is not disrespectful and tortuous enough! It all just makes me sick for you.=/

    Yell if you need anything =)



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