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***Thanks to you all...I am off to Amazon to find the book***

A few of you have recommended a couple of books to me that I have been on the hunt for...

The Shack came up numerous times so that is the one I started with...

We only have 1 bookstore in this podunk town and I received word today that the book was on a 6 month back order...

I have since found a few used ones on Ebay as well as Amazon ....

Now my question...Which do you trust more to order from?

I hate ordering from people I don't know so I just wondered if you have had better luck with one over the other?


  1. i order from both. guess whichever could get it to you faster. a six month wait? incredible!! wish i still had an extra copy laying around, i would send it to you.

    can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  2. I use both too. But for a book I would probably go with Amazon.

  3. I've ordered from both several times... As long as you get a seller who has sold many things, and has a good rating- both are good.

  4. ...I've had success with both..:)

  5. I've ordered from both. Mostly wii supplies from ebay and they've all been crap. We order from amazon all the time, like twice in the past month! Use amazon. always.

  6. i have used amazon for cg and my bro

    but have you tried paperbackswap.com?

  7. I use both... but for books, I prefer Amazon. Sometimes when you get books form ebay, they smell like THEIR house. Smoke or pee or whatever. Not always pleasant. YOu know how paper soaks up smell? Ive never had that problem with Amazon...

  8. I left something for you on my blog. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


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