My Crazee Friend

She is crazee, sweet, kind, wonderful and always gives some great advice...Meet my BF Juls I know some of you already know her but did you know she has a new blog??? She is kind enough to offer advice on just about anything for free...Got that? FREE! Love her to pieces...Go see her....Now :o) (Maybe she can help me with my bossiness???)


  1. Serenity,
    What an awesome friend you are! :) Thanks for spreading the knowledge...although my advice is a little askew most of the time. It's fun ...to say the least. :)
    You, my dear...Rock!

  2. Good Morning Serenity! Just wanted to pop over and say hello! And you know what-- I have to train with THAT person today at work. THAT is unexpected... please send peaceful and happy vibes my way lest I do or say something stupid with her!

  3. went over to check it out. looks fun!

    i hope you are having a peaceful day, sweets!

  4. Yeah Juls! I have a lil post about her new blog too. Go see.

    2nd, I love the music. Listening to Michael W. Smith is so lovely to me.


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