Rainbows, Unicorns and Sunshine

"Keep On Loving One Another As Brothers And Sisters"
Hebrews 13:1

Another night, another knock on my door at some unholy hour.

So I peek my head out of my room and who should it be?

My sister, again.

That is twice in less than 3 days that she has taken it upon herself to wake me up just so we can "talk."

No wonder I don't feel like I ever get any sleep.

The subject this time ~ Her, or should I say, how she was portrayed in my last post...

Funny, I didn't even know she read my blog...

Mental note to go private once I am done with this post. :)

Dude, seriously, there is nothing in this world that needs to be discussed at the times you are waking me, unless of course there is blood or a trip to the ER is involved...

Let me sleep.

Yes, I put that there just because I know she is going to be reading it sometime in the near future.

The conversation started off sweet with her proclaiming I had one of the purest hearts of anyone she has ever known - Sidenote to G ~ She loves me :)

Next words I heard were, "I read your blog" (and has been reading it for most likely a year now) which in turn caused me to stammer out "What blog?"

In her opinion, I made her sound cold and that wasn't my intention.

I do not set out to intentionally hurt people and when I find out I did, guilt becomes my best friend.

"You read it wrong," was my response.

"I read it the way you wrote it," she says.

My intention was to show the difference between the two of us, my admiration for her and how she deals with what life throws at her, how I wish I could be just a little more like her and a little less like me.

So I am here to publicly apologize for making her out to be cold and mean, that was never my intention.

She is my baby sister and whether we fight like cats and dogs, whether she doesn't get me and I don't get her, I would never set out to hurt her feelings.

Upon completion of our talk, she then issued me a 27 day challenge.

A challenge to live like her for all of February, one single day at a time.

To not worry about tomorrow or next week or 2 weeks from now.

To live just for the day at hand and to appreciate what I am "in" right now.

$100 bucks is on the line from her, if I win, I haven't decided her fate yet if she loses HA!

I worry to much about the future she says and I don't live for today.

So I accepted the challenge.

Do you have any idea how hard that was for me today?

To not think about anything other than the moment at hand.

It was ROUGH and quite frankly I am not sure I liked it...

What am I without worry?

To my sister K ~

I may not agree with you at times, I may not like you at times, I may do things that you don't agree with and you may not like me at times, however all that aside, I do love you.

You have a spirit with no fear, and I only wish I could have that.

There are days when I would like nothing more than to slap you silly and I know you have those same feelings for me as well. :)

If I hurt your feelings, I am sorry.

The difference in our age has always shown, until recently...

The past two years have been nothing short of a walk through hell for me, however I am thankful you have been here for it ~ I love you always.

Whether you agree with my choices or not.

Now, stay off my blog! :) :)

Well The Thing I Find Most Amazing
In Amazing Grace
Is The Chance To Give It Out
Maybe That's What Love Is All About


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  1. I have a hard time with my sister at times, too. I know about loving her with all my heart but not being able to communicate it to her very well. We continue to grow closer as we get older. She is the only sister I have, so she is totally valuable to me, as I can tell yours is to you too. God bless you both!!


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