Behind The Veil

"Two Are Better Than One; Because They Have A Good Reward For Their Labour. For If They Fall, The One Will Lift Up His Fellow: But Woe To Him That Is Alone When He Falleth; For He Hath Not Another To Help Him Up."
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 

People come in and out of our lives, each and every single day, some staying for a short while, some stay a longer length of time, each bring along the gift of friendship.

During my walk, one of the many lessons I have learned is to allow the ones who want to walk away, just walk, taking no offense to the loss.

I am secure in the knowledge that I am a good friend, loyal to a fault and could most likely write a book about secrets that have never been uttered, once shared, over the years.

Out of the friendships gained and lost, there are very few people who are allowed behind the veil of my heart...

That closely guarded, very private place, very rarely visited.

A place where you don't have to put on a mask, where you can be yourself one hundred percent of the time without fear of judgement, where you are safe.

I used to allow anyone to come in, always trusting, never questioning, seeing the good in each person, no matter how I was treated...


Perhaps, however I would rather seek the good, no matter how hard it is to find, then to just always assume the worst or only look for the bad.

The past 2 years changed that.

Trust once broken, no matter who did it, is always hard to earn back; Love is harder to give, once tossed aside you become unsure, broken and scared to feel the depth of that hurt again.

As time passes on, the grip you keep on your heart lessens.

G was the first one who landed behind the veil and he earned that spot, trust me when I say, I put him through hell before I allowed a place to be open and with every breath I now take, I know I can trust him.

He didn't throw his hands in the air and discard me nor my feelings, on the contrary, he dug his heels in even deeper then mine and wouldn't budge, still won't and  I am very grateful for him.

He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes me think (too much in his opinion) and he helps me to keep areas I want to keep and discard other areas.

A big brother I never had, though wouldn't trade for all the diamonds in the world.

There is a new person behind the veil now, one who kind of snuck in.

Brought together by Him, on the paths of one another to learn how to open up a little more, to trust a little more, to live a little more.

The people I keep close to my heart are ones who can help bring me closer to Him - Ones I count on the help strengthen my Faith - Because I know the enemy is close by, ready to pounce at any given second, I don't have time to play games, I need to know that these I hold dear, are walking the same walk as I am.

Just like G, Matt allows me to just be me. Secure in his walk with Him, he has brought a new dimension to my walk; Teaching me how to rise above the storm, to call on Him no matter how I feel emotionally and the greatest lesson of all, God doesn't want a perfectly happy me, He wants all of me, broken and confused, bruised and hurt, happy and healthy, sad or angry...

Every aspect of me, all day, every day.

I see the hand of God in the sunrise and in the sunset, on the snow dusted mountaintops and the stars that twinkle in the night sky, I see Him with the falling leaves of Autumn and with the new buds of Spring, each morning I wake, blessed with His new mercy, I see His hand, but to witness it so intimately, with the people He has placed on my path, is enough to bring me to my knees and place tears in my eyes.

He loves me so much, He never allows me to be alone, so much so, that He plucked people out of their comfort zone and planted them securely on my path.

If you are as blessed as I am, never take that for granted.

Love, honor and cherish those He placed behind the veil of your heart...

He truly does know what He is doing, even if we can't understand it.

Come meet my friend Matt, you won't be disappointed, just click on his name and let his words envelope you...

You will be blessed, just like I am.

The Lord Bless And Keep You
May His Face Shine Upon You
And Be Gracious And
Give You Peace

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