Anointing From Above

"No One Will Be Able To Stand Against You All The Days Of Your Life. As I Was With Moses, So I Will Be With You; I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You."
Joshua 1:5

It is amazing to me, how much stronger I feel when I keep my eyes focused up instead of around.

I have been watching a lot of Dr. Creflo Dollar lately.

I came upon him a few weeks ago as I was mindlessly flipping through the tv and from that first encounter, I was hooked.

From what I have seen, it looks like he preaches directly from the Bible and talks in simple language even I can understand.

If you don't like him, that is your right as well, some people I know think he is a thief, or a pulpit pimp as some call him, however that isn't for me to judge.

I was watching him the other night and he said something very powerful that struck me right in the core of my soul.

He said "When you get up in the morning, tell yourself, I am fulfilled with God, I don't need nothing, I don't want nothing and I am not missing nothing."

Now, I don't normally watch televangelists, if I have time to sit and watch TV, usually it isn't anything I would brag about here (ie: Jersey Shore), I try to stay busy other ways than with mindless amounts of television.

But for some reason, I stopped and listened to his entire sermon and then programmed my TV to tape it each night.

What I watch on TV isn't what my post is about though and apparently I got side-tracked, anyway back to being focused on Above...

If you, as a Christian, are walking through a trial and/or tribulation, I have recently learned, He will anoint you right in the middle of each of these trials.

And once God anoints you in the heat of these battles, you will literally have the power of the Holy Spirit flowing and operating through you so you can make it all the way to the end of the trial/tribulation and come out with a complete victory if that is how He wants it to turn out.

When you receive this anointing, He will give you His strength, as well as His strategies on how you should handle each different part of the trial.

Sometimes, He will completely take over and remove the storm clouds from your life, however if He hasn't and you are still sitting in the midst of pain and hurt and disappointment, remember this, there is a lesson to be learned within that pain.

I know it is hard to see when you are standing in the center of the storm, trust me, but there will come a day when you get up and notice the clouds, just aren't as black as they used to be.

Some are still very dark, while others seems to be a little more gray.

However, it is during these storms when you will receive the anointing from Above, if you take a second to look around, you will see exactly what I mean.

When He anoints you for battle, some very special things will happen to fall over you.

He will give you His protection, strength, boldness and courage.

He will empower you with His patience, stamina, and endurance to make it to the end of the trial/tribulation.

You will receive His knowledge and wisdom on what to do as well as what to say.

You will be blessed with His favor.

In short, God will tell you what to do, what to say, give you all of the favor you will need with the different people who will be involved in the trial, as well as giving you His divine protection, power, courage, and stamina so you can make it all the way to the end.

I have notied many people, myself included, let the trial defeat them right at the first sign of trouble all due to major fear hitting them, even before God has a chance to show up with His anointing to get the job done for them.

Depending on the severity of the trial, you may at first start out by literally shaking in your boots.

Just the thought of having to go through it will send major shock waves through you, almost to the point of paralyzing you to death with fear.

However, once God’s strength, courage and boldness starts to flow through you, much, if not all of your fear will actually leave you.

Once you literally feel God’s strength, courage and boldness start to flow through you, you will feel like you could do absolutely anything & nothing can stand in your way.

It has taken me 22 months to actually start to truly feel this, it wasn't something that overtook me the minute I needed it, it was only after I stopped doing things my way and sought Him to do His perfect will in my life.

The knowledge and wisdom, to know what to say, now that one I have felt for about the past 2 months.

Where as before I would pretty much state what I felt about my husband and his choices, lately, I have a love flowing when I speak to or text him, weird I know, so I know it is from Him and not me.

He may text me something that (most likely) riles me up and as I am thinking of what way to cut him down in my response, I am already typing something back that is no where near what I was thinking.

Something that has to come from somewhere deep within, a place where the pain isn't living on the surface, a place where only He dwells, a place where there is nothing but pure love...

I know you may be thinking I am a loon and that is okay as well, however regardless of what his choices have been, they are not mine to judge, yes I have had to live with what he has done, however I forgive him, each and every single day, each and every single action.

I am still trying to learn how to be guided by His wisdom and knowledge, because while I recognize this as an incredible gift, there are still plenty of times that I get tongue tied and don't know how to properly express myself, if I could write everything, I would be golden.

His favor, I have found, I need the most...

Especially with hillbilly lawyers trying to take me down, trying to take everything I have, including one of my children.

God’s favor is needed, if there are going to be different people involved in the trials and tribulations with you.

There may be times that you will need certain doors to open up for you, so that you are able to go to the next step, His favor is what is going to open up these doors for you.

The next time you are facing something you don't have the willpower to face, get on your knees and ask Him to anoint you, then step back and watch just what His Mercy and Grace can do for you.

Show Me Your Glory
Send Down Your Presence
I Want To See Your face
Show Me Your glory
Majesty Shines About You
I Can't Go On Without You, Lord

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  1. you are beyond amazing! and the photos so go with the flow of this post


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