Music Soothes & Heals

"For His Anger Lasts Only A Moment, But His Favor Lasts A Lifetime; Weeping May Remain For A Night, But Rejoicing Comes In The Morning."
Psalm 30:5

Just like my lack of patience is well known, so is my love of music.

Next to reading, I would rank listening to music up there in my top 5.

I have a broad range of musical likes, I have never just stuck with one genre, never leaning to just rock or just metal or just Christian, if I like it, I listen to it.

Sometimes it is Opera, sometimes it is Classical, sometimes it is 80's and sometimes it is Hard Rock...

Depends on the mood I am in mostly.

Country, not a fan, however there are a couple of artists I will listen to....

I don't really listen to Top 40 either.

These days I lean more towards music that has the ability to encourage and uplift, songs of worship and praise and love and hope.

I am discovering new faves, so many new ones I couldn't possibly list them all here, though I try to use them in my song snippet at the end of every post and if your speakers are on when you come here, you can hear some of them as well.

Y'all know the story of how I came to find KLOVE and I still listen to them any chance I get, usually at work because I still can't get them to come in at home.

Michael W. Smith is still my all time favorite Christian musician, I have been listening to him for over 20 years and he can still bring me to tears.

Out of all the songs he sings, "Kentucky Rose" is still my favorite.

Most people know him by "Friends" and while that is a great song, I am here to tell you he has so many other great ones you should check out.

"I Will Carry You" breaks me down each and every time, "I Know Your Name" is very special to me because back when I first started this walk, someone sent it to me anonymously, when I felt so lost and alone and scared and really doubted He cared, and then there is "Straight To The Heart", a song that has special meaning to me due to a very close friend who has stood by my side as I started this journey, one who is there, no matter what.

Within the past 6 months I have been introduced to a few other Christian artists that have moved me and I want to share a few with you.

Some of them you all may know, some of them you may not, some of you listen to them on a daily basis and maybe, for some of you, this will be your first time.

Some of these songs may bring you to tears, some might just bring you to Him for the first time, some may bring you closer.

Some will open your eyes and humble you, some will make you question what in the world you are doing with your life, some will make you want to raise your hands and just say "Thank You".

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, some tissues, pick a link and enjoy what He has given us.

Jeremy Camp - "Overcome"

Tenth Avenue North - "By Your Side" (I need tissues for this one)

Chris Tomlin - "I Will Rise" (Tears fall for this one as well)

MercyMe - "Bring The Rain"

David Crowder Band - "How He Loves" (Yes, this one as well)

Phillips, Craig and Dean - "Revelation Song"

Mark Schultz - "He Will Carry Me" (Yep)

Pocket Full Of Rocks - "Come As You Are" (This one also)

Third Day - "Cry Out To Jesus" (Tear fest right here)

Toby Mac - "Gone"

Stryper - "Alive"

Phil Wickham (Feat. Bart Millard) - "Safe" (Here as well)

Mikeschair - "Let The Waters Rise"

Kutless - "What Faith Can Do" (The song that He used to bring me to KLOVE)

Casting Crowns - "East To West" (Gracie, always reminds me of the verse you gave me so long ago)

Bebo Norman - "A Million Raindrops"

These are just a few I listen to on a daily basis...

Music to me is a wonderful gift from Him.

It has a way of working into the very depths of my soul and moving me in ways that I can't express.

I used to listen to music to keep the flame of anger burning brightly inside of me, it fueled the hate I carried within, hate for myself, for my past, for my choices, for my mistakes, for my sins.

Music filled with foul language, thoughts of suicide, murder, bitterness, pure hate music and I loved it I will admit.

However, it has no place now in my life, as I try to complete the 180 that has become my life, I need the encouragement these artists sing about....

Another blessing that I wasn't seeking, however it still found its way to me.

That brings me to Matthew West.

I heard him first on KLOVE, liked him on FB, downloaded a few songs and truly loved all I heard from him.

One morning, I saw a FB message about the new album he was going to be doing, however unlike a "normal" CD, he asked his fans for their story...

I contemplated it, I thought long and hard about it and I entered my story.

He spent 2 months in a cabin reading story after story about things most people don't want to even admit go on in our society.

The album was released under the title "The Story Of Your Life".

I have had the chance to hear most of the CD and it is beautiful, however yesterday as I was driving, a new song came on KLOVE...

"Broken Girl" was the song...

I knew then he got it, he understood what I felt, at that time, as well as at this time.

I ended up having to pull over because I burst into tears, at this time I can't listen to the song without crying, without that tightness pulling in my chest, without that little girl inside of me running to the corner, hiding.

The good thing?

Healing has begun.

Those Pictures In Your Mind, Keep You
Locked Up Inside Your Past.
This Is A Song For The Broken Girl.
The One Pushed Aside By The Cold, Cold World
You Are, Hear Me When I Say,
You're Not The Worthless They Made You Feel
There Is A Love They Can Never Steal Away
And You Don't Have To Stay A Broken Girl


  1. what a great post! I am the same way. Music, speaks so deeply to me and always has. Even when my focus was not God. I loved this post!

  2. Thank you for linking to yourself today...I so hope that you find others who can relate with you and go through this journey of healing together.

    I SO agree that music can be so emotional and powerful. An experience more than just a song. I can't live without it, that's for sure!

    I used to think Christian music was cheesy but it's gotten so much better and I listen to it often because, you're right, it's uplifting and keeps your focus in the right place.


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