The Greatest Love

"So That Christ May Dwell In Your Hearts Through Faith. And I Pray That You, Being Rooted And Established In Love, May Have Power, Together With All The Saints, To Grasp How Wide And Long And High And Deep Is The Love Of Christ, And To Know This Love That Surpasses Knowledge - That You May Be Filled To The Measure Of All The Fullness Of God."
Ephesians 3:17-19

The true depth of His love for you, should bring you to tears, at least it does me...

When I take the time, surrounded in silence and truly contemplate how much He loves me, it takes my breath away and fills my heart with joy.

The love you see in the eyes of your spouse or significant other is nothing compared to the love that is in His eyes, for you.

The love your child sees on your face, pales in comparison to the loves He shows when looking upon your face.

No matter who you fall in love with on this Earth, it will never be any where close to the love He has for you.

He loves you just because you are you, not for how well you sing, how many people follow you, how great your last post was, how big your house is, how cool your car is, how much money you have in the bank etc...

For just being you.

He knows how many hairs are on the top of each of our heads (yes even the ones who are bald). - Luke 7

He knew you before you were even formed. - Jeremiah 1:5

He knows what you are going to do tomorrow and still loves you anyway.

Some of you reading this may be doubting at this point in time, thinking that you possibly can't be worthy of His love.

I am here to tell you differently, as a former drug addict, a life filled with turmoil and pain, a road I traveled of self-destruction for quite some time filled with anger, bitterness and hate.

Self-pity & no self-worth, when I started this walk, I didn't feel worthy of even an ounce of His love, I felt I was doomed to continue to swim in quicksand, until I truly called on Him.

Not because the Church said I should, not because a friend said I should, not because I knew it was the right thing to do, but because I had no where else to turn when I hit complete rock-bottom.

I will never forget that Sunday a little over a year ago when I faced the Altar with suicidal thoughts swimming within my head, letters being written in my mind for my boys, thoughts of finally being free of the emotional pain I was locked in.

God knew that, He in turn had already placed a Pastor in my life who has the uncanny knack of knowing when something just isn't right with me, and by His grace and because of His love, I am here today.

Each day from that Sunday until this very moment, His love has been growing within me.

He shows me each and every day how much He loves me, just by allowing me one more day on this Earth.

I want everyone to feel what I feel, to know a love so pure that it is indescribable.

To have joy when others have sorrow, to have peace when others have turmoil, to have love when others feel hate, to know that no matter what you are facing, you will never face it alone.

To know that the greatest love you will ever know, is right by your side, waiting for you to call on Him.

It doesn't have to be a grand gesture or a huge declaration, it could be just a whisper, it could be just a few simple words.




In return, you will be loved in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

By The Power Of The Cross
You've Taken What Was Lost
And Made It Fully Yours
And I Have Been Redeemed
By You That Spoke To Me
Now I Am Spoken For

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  1. again, i love reading your posts. thank God that even though we don't deserve it, He loves us.

    I use to think of God knowing everything as a negative, he knows what i am going to do before i even do it....like he was waiting to pounce, but now i know that its a positive thing. He loves me.....in spite of me.....he knows all my failures and falling and He loves me....anyway.


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