So as many of you know, I basically stopped eating the last 2 months...

I am down almost 55 pounds...

I am 5'10 and weighed more then I should to begin with but hid it well due to my height...

Ok so since hubby and FT started, I lost my appetite...

Now the problem...I can't find it anymore...

My food for the day on a normal day...

2 cups of coffee about 6-8 bottles of water...3-4 Tums (heartburn) and maybe a beer (rare but sometimes it happens)...

See that - No food...

I am having trouble swallowing (get your minds out of the gutter)...

I can chew food but it is like my throat closes up and nothing will go down...

Anyone know how I can get past this?

P.S. - At least I don't wake and hurl anymore :)

Returning Home I Find Myself
Wishing I Was Already Gone
But How Long Does It Take To Find Me
Well I'm Waiting For Someone


  1. I tried posting a comment but I dont think it went through. So here I am again. Try soup. Hold your nose and swallow if you have to, but try that. I love chicken noodle soup, but I hate the noodles in it. It's not real pasta, dang it. So I always drink the broth. At least you'd get some nourishment and strength from it. Do it for your boys.

  2. I don't have any other suggestions except for what Nikki said. Start with that. Start with something!

  3. Same here! Start with soup...its easier to get down!

  4. wish that stop eating would work for me
    i have tried and it just packs it on
    starvation does me no good
    but start eating lil by lil at a time
    even when not hungry
    eat protien first always
    and make it 6 meals or snacks a day at least
    you can do it and you deserve FOOD

  5. S -

    I'm so sorry about all this. I have been so 'out of it' that I haven't been on blogger much. You do need to start getting SOME sort of food in, but start light. Soup, Applesauce, popcicles, etc. Your system is in shock...and your stomach will be as well when food starts hitting it again.

    Ah, I miss ya S. I hope things get better


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