SSS ~ What A Blessing!

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."
Matthew 18:20 (NIV)
(First let me apologize for the sideward pictures... I could not get the rotated ones to save for some reason)
My package came almost a week and a half ago and I feel horrible it took me this long to get a post up. I was smack dab in the middle of finals and just could not squeeze anymore time out of my day, however, now I am on Winter Break (Thank you Lord!) so here is my (albeit) late post.
My Secret Santa lives in Texas.... Home of my beloved (though fiercely hated by some) Cowboys! I have not had a chance to do any digging so I truly have no idea who my SS is/was, I will say that whoever she is, she was indeed a blessing to me.
If you look sideways (ha ha again sorry) at the top left you will see w slip of paper with the word "joy" printed on the top, in the white is a portion of the song "Joy To The World." I love it! It is now hanging above my bed. Santa socks and touchscreen gloves... Shut up ~ I did not even know they made touchscreen gloves (Side note ~ I have an iPhone and DESPISE fingerprints so this is SO cool!)
Hot cocoa, my absolute fav as y'all know, complete with mini marshmallows ~ Yummy!
Butterfingers and white chocolate covered pretzels, along with cinnamon discs and spearmint discs... My SS must have known of my love for spearmint discs, if you look in my purse, you will see no less than about 50 of them on any given day. Don't judge, I like "good" smelling breath :)
2 books which I am so looking forward to reading over my break, one of which is a devotional to start on the 1st of January... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE devotionals!
The tan cloth with the Crosses on it is (I sure hope so anyway) a scarf. Being that I sit in front of the congregation I always have a scarf to cover my girly bits (even though I wear long dresses/skirts/just to be safe). If it is not intended to be a scarf, please let me know lol!

The wooden Cross. Nestled under this Cross was a note from my SS.... Her Dad made this. Hand made.
I read the note and instantly I was in tears. This I hung in my room, immediately. It is in a place where it is the first sight I see when I get up, and the last one I see before I go to sleep. I touch it as I walk out the door and find myself lingering over the fact that it was hand made, and my SS willingly sent it to me. 
Had nothing else come in the box aside from the Cross, that still would have been the biggest blessing.
The note stated that she had a story for me (after the reveal). A story of how God always has a plan. I cannot wait to hear the story.
Another side note ~ Each item was individually wrapped so beautifully and as usual, I forgot my camera until after the fact (sorry!)
To Suzanne ~ Thank you for once again hosting the SSS. This has been (I think) my 4th year participating and the time and effort you put into it is appreciated and it is something I have looked forward to all year! You are a blessing!!
To my SS ~ I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were a bright light in the middle of a stressful week. The thought and care you put into the package you sent me, went beyond my expectations. No matter how long I walk this road, I pray that He continues to surprise me in the ways that He shows His Grace. Whether by people I know, or people I have never met, in a song, or in a Scripture, in the clouds, or in the sunshine. No matter the trials, tribulations, circumstances, or emotions, I pray the same Grace showers upon you and your family. Please extend my deepest gratitude, a big hug, and speechless appreciation to your Dad.
Much Love.

"There In The Darkest Night Of The Soul
There In The Sweetest Songs Of Victory
Your Grace Finds Me
Yes Your Grace Finds Me


  1. Your SS treated you very well. I am happy for you and I love anything handmade. The cross is a wonderful gift. I am from Texas, but I am not your SS.

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL cross. And more special since it was handcrafted. Your SS knows you well. :)

  3. Hi,
    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for my SS gifts! It was a great swap and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness....Have a Happy Happy New Year!


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