Secret Santa Delivery

"She Will Bear A Son, And You Shall Call His Name Jesus, For He Will Save His People From Their Sins."
Matthew 1:21 (ESV)

I apologize for the shoddy picture, I am not a photographer :)))

Yesterday the mailman took forever to put the mail in the mailbox and when I was able to go out and get it, I found a package for me. *Smiles*

The return address was on the package, however, scratched out so I can't even send a thank you card. *Bummer*

Each present was individually wrapped, however, in my excitement to see something other than a letter from my lawyer, I didn't think to grab my camera beforehand. *Sorry*

I haven't a clue who my Secret Santa is, though I know she resides in California since that is where the postmark is from. *Wink*

Inside was a treasure trove of goodies...

A GORGEOUS postcard from California Wine Country. *Saving it*

A YUMMY bag of Ghiradelli Squares/Dark Chocolate and Mint. *Eating it* (not all by myself, I am not selfish, I will share one square!)

ADORABLE cupcake magnetic bookmarks. *LOVE!* **Sidenote, I use these types of bookmarks in my various Bibles and I never seem to have enough... Never blogged about them so she must have read my mind**

An AWESOME online organizer. *Cute* (Now I can clear out my "favorites" menu which is about a mile long when I open it!)

BEAUTIFUL ornament with the words of 'O Little Town of Bethlehem printed on it. *Grins*

The last thing I opened was a small jewelry box, inside, nestled on what looked like straw (am I the only one who sees this???) was a GLORIOUS bronze Cross hanging on a length of cord. *Tears*

Yes I am a sap for any Cross ~ Sue me ;)

The Cross is hanging right above my desk where I can look at it when I become weary (I have finals this week, I am beyond weary) or when I just need to know He is still right there beside me.

**To my Secret Santa, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was if you truly knew me.

May His richest blessings surround you and your family during the season of His birth.

Oh Hear The Angel Voices
Oh Night Divine
Oh Night When Christ Was Born
Oh Night Divine, Oh Night, Oh Night Divine


  1. Oh, what a fantastic bunch of thoughtful gifts. I have never seen an organizer like that and I really need one, my favorites too is a mile long!! That is a neat gift. The cross is beautiful. I have heard many times so far this swap that gifts were sent and were so perfect it is astonishing and it happened to be things that was never mentioned on a blog. :o) I like how that works. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. A very nice package from your Secret Santa. This is a fun thing and I enjoy it. There are always a few that do not follow the rules. Blessings for a great Christmas and New Year.

  3. Great gifts! The cross is great.

  4. What a nice Secret Santa you have...Love the cross...what a sweet and perfect gift. Tiffany

  5. That online organizer is a great idea! I need to find one for me too. Or better yet hint to my hubby that I would love to find that in my stocking! Great gifts!


  6. I'm so in awe of how many Santas really got to the heart of what their person liked - or needed. =) What a great box of goodies!

  7. What a terrific group of lovely gifts! That online organizer sounds really interesting. Merry Christmas!! :)


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