School Is In Session

"Now The Lord Is That Spirit: And Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is, There Is Liberty."
2 Corinthians 3:17

I haven't forgotten about you all and I apologize it has been awhile since I have posted.

School officially started for me this past Monday, I am thinking it started for pretty much everyone actually.

It has been quite sometime since I have had to focus with such intent and since the majority of my schooling is done online, I have to have very good time management skills, needless to say, I am still working on that.

Between work and Tigger and Church and normal everyday life, I have found myself up at 2am trying to finish classwork that is due the next day.

Seems I was under the impression that school was something to be eased into, my Professors think otherwise.

My classes are 8 weeks long each, intense studies is what they are called, so they don't play around.

School started Monday and I had a boatload (9 to be exact) of assignments due by 11pm (my time) tonight.

I am happy to report all my assignments were done on time and turned in before the deadline. :)

This semester I am taking 4 classes ~ Old Testament, New Testament, Evangelism and Theology ~ A full schedule in order to keep my grant.

So far, I am loving it.

Yes, it would be a little easier if I had some place I could carve out as my own private area, however I am praying it will happen, in due time.

Some days I think everything is moving so fast, and other days I don't feel like things are moving fast enough.

To think of where I was 2 years ago at this time, and to look at myself now, well it astounds me, to be honest.

Tigger started 3rd grade and adores his teacher, which is always a great thing to hear.

He had such a rough time with his teacher last year and her and I butted heads on more than one occasion.

I have sent messages to Eeyore to inquire about his first week of school, however I haven't heard anything back from him so far.

I will assume all is well until I hear otherwise.

I want my boys to take school serious, in a way I do now, but didn't back then.

My main mission was to get out of the school the minute I was dropped off, I hated being there and thought it interfered with the things I was choosing to do in my life at that time.

It was a complete waste of my time and I pray neither one of them get that way of thinking from me.

I hope all is well with everyone.

I am attempting to answer all the emails I receive, so please don't think I am ignoring you, because I am not.

I will still be posting, I have about 10 posts, in mid-post, that I am working on.

Just need some time to work on my time management skills. :) :)

The picture below, is the school I am attending online.

Isn't it pretty?

No Matter What May Come
Gotta Move To A Different Drum
No Matter What Life Brings
Gotta Move Gotta Move To A Different Beat

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