Little Known Facts

"You Have Put Gladness In My Heart, More Than In The Season That Their Grain And Wine Increased."
Psalm 4:7

Today I am going to break away from my normal posting and take a page from Nic and share 8 very little known facts about myself. If you and I aren't really close, you wouldn't know these things about me.

Don't judge. :) :)

1. You know that song that Whitney Houston sang a (what seems like) long time ago ~ I Will Always Love You...

I sing it...

Every single day (and I have been doing this for YEARS) and I don't even know why, it drives my family crazy because I am not Whitney Houston, I can't sing like her, nor can I even begin to carry a note like her...

But I try to belt it out as if I am on stage.

I hear this ~ DON'T!! ~ a lot haha.

2. I am an 80s' music junkie, I don't care what genre, if I hear it, there is a good chance within 3 notes I can tell you who is singing and what the name of the song is.

My little brother and I have made a game out of this on the weekends, since he thinks he knows more than I do (he doesn't), if I am over there, he will put on a station that plays nothing but 80s' and we will actually keep score.

He has won...

Twice :)

3. There are certain words in the English language that make me feel ill.

The top 3 being ~ Juicy, Moist, Succulent.

Just typing that makes me queasy. I don't want to hear any of these when you are describing my meal, all it does is make me push the food away, because there is no way I am going to eat it.

4. Speaking of food, I may as well let you know I have a serious "wet" food aversion. ie: pot roast, condiments that make bread soggy, soup (yes I said soup), basically any food that is "dripping", makes me gag. I don't know why.

My sister makes a killer pot roast and the only way I can eat it is to drag it through mashed potatoes and I will give her some credit once again, she makes a soup that is called "John Elway Soup" and it ROCKS.

And while we are on the subject ~ I only eat ice cream in the Winter (mint chocolate chip, Baskin Robbins), I can't stand cooked fruit in any form (except blueberry muffins), I don't like frosting, mustard, mayo nor gravy, refuse to eat any form of a cartoon character from my youth (ie: Bambi, Thumper, Winnie etc...) and none of my food can be touching on the plate.

5. My toesies are always painted, no matter what and they are normally one of three shades of Blue, Purple or Wine.

I will also wear Black and gunmetal Gray and have been known to wear the occasional Green. However I have recently found a new product that I am completely IN LOVE with... Made by Sally Hansen, these nail polish strips have become my new best friend (right now I am wearing "Check It Out").

No drying time ladies ~ None, Zilch, Zero. Once you get the hang of it, you can have them applied in 10 minutes flat and I have gone as long as 2 weeks without needing to change (only reason for the change was I wanted something different). They are hard to remove though so here is a tip - Soak a cotton ball in remover, and dab each toe until they are wet, let it sit a moment then get to removing.

6. Homeless people make me cry. It is very upsetting to me when I see someone standing on the road with a sign saying they are hungry or will work for food. Now that I work in the Church with the homeless ministry, it affects me on a deeper level when I see the same ones on the street. Sidenote ~ Please don't email me about how some choose that lifestyle and I should just keep on walking/driving/running when I see them, your email won't change the way I feel.

7. Men in flip-flops don't do anything for me, matter of fact I find them a huge turn-off. Feet in general are gross and the feet of men are just huge. The toes hang off the flip-flops and curl around the edge and there is hair on the toes... No words, just blech (sorry gentlemen). I however wear flops 24/7/365 :)

8. My favorite food in the world is popcorn. I could eat it with every meal if possible. When I say popcorn, I mean "normal" popcorn, like you get at the movie theater, not weird cheesy, caramel popcorn... Just salt and butter and if it is stale, that is all the better. I remember when I was younger, my Mom used to make me popcorn on the stove and I would put it in a brown paper bag and put it under my bed for a few days then eat it. I don't know why however it always tastes better stale.

There you have it, 8 things the majority of you didn't know about me.

What don't I know about you?

In Joy And Pain
In Sun And Rain
You’re The Same
Oh, You Never Let Go


  1. I completely agree about male feet in flip flops. So wrong.

  2. About #2, may I join the competition? :) I'm in to win! Loved the blog, by the way.

    Hey, come visit me too!



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