Happy New Year...

Yesterday the New Year started for me - Yes it was news to me to.

As I sat in Church listening to my Pastor explain that we were going into the Season of Advent starting yesterday, I sat there thinking "What the heck is going on"?

Being raised a Southern Baptist is different from being a practicing member of an AME Church and I am still very new therefore still learning.

So as I said - My New Year started yesterday - Happy New Year to me :)

The only thing I knew about Advent is the calender with chocolates behind each date...

So what is Advent you ask?

Advent is a season of preparation...

What are we preparing for?

We take this time to give Thanks for His first coming and prepare for His final coming.

It begins the 4th Sunday before Christmas (yesterday) and ends on Christmas Eve.

There is an Advent wreath (no idea where I get one but I am looking) and the wreath holds 5 candles (one for each Sunday in Advent as well as Christmas Day)...

3 of them are Purple. (signifying solemnity & royalty)

1 is Pink. (signifying Joy)

The center one is White. (signifying the Birth of Christ)

The first Sunday of Advent one of the Purple candles is lit - To remind us that we are waiting for our Good Sheppard.

The second Sunday of Advent - Purple is lit again - To remind us we wait for Forgiveness.

The third Sunday of Advent finds us waiting for Joy so the Pink candle is lit.

The fourth Sunday of Advent we light the last Purple candle and we focus on the coming of the Son.

The fifth candle is lit on Christmas Eve - It is the White one and it is to celebrate the Birth of Jesus.

I love this - Absolutely love this...

Celebrating what the true meaning of Christmas is and not by how many presents are under the tree -

Now if I could get my kids to go along with this lol.

I will be back tomorrow and let you all know how court went (last Wednesday).

In the meantime, hug someone next to you.

I Can Hear Your Voice As You Sing Over Me
It's Your Song Of Hope Breathing Life Into Me
I Can Feel Your Touch As I Come Close To You
And It Heals My Heart, You Restore & Renew


  1. We made our own advent wreath a couple years ago. I just bought a plain wreath from the Christmas section, candle holders and candles in the appropriate colors. Worked out great!

  2. Happpy New Year, friend!! :)

  3. Wow! I am glad you broke it down like that. I have always wondered about the colors of the candle. Being Southern Baptist I really didnt know that much about Advent either.

    Send me an email when you can...my outlook freaked out and I havent been able to find your email address. Sent to alicia.wasserman@live.com. Cant wait to hear from you!

  4. Happy New Year, my Friend. =)


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